Health Safety

Our commitment to health and safety is an integral part of Blast Environmental and is shared by everyone, from the President to the workers.

Our Policy

Our management strongly values the health and safety of our employees. Protection from injury and occupational disease is important to us and we will do whatever is necessary to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

As an employer, we are responsible for worker health and safety. Every member of our team must be committed to our goal of eliminating the risk of injury at the work place. Each employee must do their part to protect themselves by working in compliance with the law and with safe work practices and procedures established by the company.

Supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision. Supervisors are responsible for the safe operation of equipment and ensuring that workers are compliant with safe work practices and procedures. Adequate training will be given for specific tasks to protect the health and safety of our employees.

Specific Training

  • TODG
  • First Aid
  • Supervisory Training
  • Lock Out
  • Confined Space
  • Fall Arrest
  • Man Lift
  • WSIB